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Make a personal link to trace orders from Zajil Ship, TMM Express, UK Mail, Bluecare, OnTrac or any courier.

Supported Providers

This parcel monitoring website supports more than 580 couriers, including DPEX, Nexive, TNT, Naqel, Yodel and similar.

Order Alerts

Receive new notices about status updates of the package via Mesenger, Twitter, Skype, Tencent QQ, Telegram and etc.

Track & Trace HK shipments

Parcel codes set (RJ000000005HK - RJ099999996HK)

Parcel codes set (RJ100000003HK - RJ299999991HK)

Parcel codes set (RJ200000006HK - RJ499999997HK)

Parcel codes set (RJ300000009HK - RJ699999992HK)

Parcel codes set (RJ400000001HK - RJ899999998HK)